By Laura G. Owens
Blame your parents if you must, but a study that followed 3,000 subjects from age 12 to 32 to determine if relationship with parents influences future romantic connections, results showed—no surprise—that it does, whether it’s harmonious or rocky. No need to worry, however; breaking attitudes and behaviors begins with tuning in. “People [...]

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Salvaged beach plastic finds new life

by Gigi Ragland
Picking up plastic debris from the beach seems like an easy enough environmental cleanup activity, but eventually you’d think the beach would be spotless. Not so! Judith and Richard Lang have been mining a seemingly infinite source of bits and pieces of plastic at the Point Reyes National [...]

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College environmental programs are a boon to job-seekers, eco-warriors and a planet demanding new solutions
By Elyse Glickman
What do you want to be when you grow up… besides a socially responsible citizen? The answer to that question has become a bit more complicated in the last decade. Once upon a time, a college degree assured a [...]

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Directed by Stephanie Soechtig

Review by Abigail Lewis
Our obesity rate is breaking the scale at 30 percent and everybody’s confused. We’ve been told that if we get enough exercise we’ll lose weight, but obesity rates keep rising at the same rate as fitness rates. How is this possible?
In Fed Up, a new film narrated (and conceived) [...]

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How common household plastics threaten fertility

By Jen Jones Donatelli
We are increasingly awash in a sea of plastic. In the Northern Pacific Ocean, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch—an ever-growing mass of marine debris roughly the size of Texas—is comprised of six kilos of plastic* for every kilo of natural plankton. On land, the Ocean Travelers Plastics [...]

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There are many ways of expressing sexuality, so why stick to the program?
by Jen Jones Donatelli

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words “pure sexual energy”? Probably not children, but believe it or not, they can teach us a valuable lesson. Tatiana Perera, author of The Orgasmic Effect, notes that [...]

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Pumpkin-PB Pup Pops

Thanksgiving is long gone, but many of us have a can or two of puréed pumpkin still lurking in the pantry. Cans may seem to last forever but they do have an expiration date! Use it up, clear some space for spring, and put a smile on your pup’s face.
And if you’ve never [...]

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Relationships are supposedly about honesty and communication, but something is amiss

By Suzanne Harrington
We’re 30 years past the projected date, but George Orwell would still nod knowingly at the Big Brother-style revelations of Edward Snowden. The fact that we’re being snooped on has caused widespread indignation, but the truth is that many of us do it [...]

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When Family Ties Become Tangled

By Vanessa McGrady
“That will come out with Spic ‘n’ Span,” said Bridgett, dabbing at the spilled yellow mustard on her jacket. I’d just met the hugely pregnant 23-year-old sitting across from me in a meeting hastily arranged by our adoption social worker. I had no idea that she and Bill, the [...]

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The well-known spiritual teacher and activist is hoping to help shape our country’s future
By Abigail Lewis
It’s going to take a miracle to restore functionality to the U.S. Congress. Can Marianne Williamson, author and teacher of A Course in Miracles, help initiate it?
Williamson has long been outspoken. She founded Project Angel Food to feed homebound Angelenos [...]

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